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What We Do

Founded in 1987 by Ron Fitch, the Human Insights Group is a loosely-held association of practitioners and individuals interested in assisting people through the difficulties of life. Our work represents a commitment to addressing Brain, Mind, Body & Spirit. We are not psychiatrists, psychotherapists or medical practitioners, although we do collaborate with such indivuals. Our work is of a support-nature only. We make no promise of curing any physical illness or disease. People with psychiatric or medical conditions will be encouraged to seek proper treatment, either separately, or in conjunction with assistance by the Human Insights Group.

Much of our work is of a research nature only, as we seek to investigate new methods of addressing Brain, Mind, Body & Spirit. As research proceeds we will make our findings available by way ot written papers and spoken word lectures. Such research has resulted in the creation of procedures such as:

  • The Past Therapy Completion Rundown - for people who have been through other forms of therapy which did not turn out well or produce the desired results.

  • The EST Completion Rundown - for graduates of the old EST TRaining and today's Landmark Forum.

  • The Scientology Rundown - for people who have been through the Scientology process (whether conventional or in the Freezone)

  • Memory Recall Improvement (M-R-I) - a process designed to help overall with memory improvement

  • Black and White Pain Management Therapy - a unique set of visualization techniques designed to assist people towards becoming pain-free without the use of drugs or medications.

  • Light Sound Therapy - a specially tailored program to assist people in strenghting/balancing their brainwave patterns.

  • NeuroFeedback - a form of BioFeedback, using your brain. Neurofeedback can assist in the overcoming of many life-difficulties by "teaching" you how to Focus and/or Relax your brain.


For more information Contact: Ron Fitch

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E-mail Ron at: Ron.Fitch@HumanInsightsGroup.Org