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Light-Sound Therapy

Light/Sound Therapy is a 30+ year old approach to effecting Brain-Wave entrainment.

Light/Sound Therapy combines flashing light pulses with synchronized sound to encourage certain brain wave states, while de-emphasing others. As with meditation, over time, Light/Sound Therapy can have an accumulative effect, to the degree that one can recreate those neural-states with out the equipment or therapy.
With Brain-Wave entrainment., you can train your brain to "speed up" or "slow down", depending on your needs and the nature of your neurological structure. Light-sound therapy has been in use at the Human Insights Group since 1992, beginning with the original Synchro-Energizer, and Meta-Brain's Relaxman & 4-X programmable units.
Since 1998, we utilize the PhotoSonix products, in particular, the NovaPRO 100 programmable unit.

Below is Ron Fitch deep into a custom Light-Sound session he wrote
set to musical tracks from the 11th Hour album, by Mars Lasar.
This program is soon to be offered for sale at: LightSoundSoftware.Com.Light-Sound Session

More information on Light-Sound therapy can be found on the FAQ Page Phtosonix website.


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