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Introspection Therapy

Introspection Therapy is a mult-modal eclectic approach to personal therapy. Introspection Therapy is not psychiatry or psychotherapy, nor is it merely "pastoral counselling". Introspection Therapy is a complete embodiment ot the Human Insight Group's goal to work with Brain, Mind, Body & Spirit.

Some of the major therapy procedures available with Introspection Therapy include:

  • The Past Therapy Completion Rundown - for people who have been through other forms of therapy which did not turn out well or produce the desired results.

  • The EST Completion Rundown - for graduates of the old EST TRaining and today's Landmark Forum.

  • The Scientology Rundown - for people who have been through the Scientology process (whether conventional or in the Freezone)

  • Memory Recall Improvement (M-R-I) - a process designed to help you improve your memory overall.

  • Drug Detox and Drug Handling - a procedure done in conjunction with the Monterey Center designed to assist you to become free from substance dependencies. The full program involves detox, vitamins and various Dianetic and Introspection Therapy procedures designed for you to overcome the effects of past druga/alcohol/food/toxins.

  • Black and White Pain Management Therapy - a unique set of visualization techniques designed to assist people towards becoming pain-free without the use of drugs or medications.

  • Traumatic Incident Reduction (T-I-R) - a process designed to assist you towards working through past traumatic experiences, no matter how involved, difficult and troubling those past experiences may seem.

  • Light Sound Therapy - a specially tailored program to assist people in strenghting/balancing their brainwave patterns.

  • NeuroFeedback - a form of BioFeedback, using your brain. Neurofeedback can assist in the overcoming of many life-difficulties by "teaching" you how to Focus and/or Relax your brain.

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